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A399: Writing Chinese Characters
Difficulty: **

We will be learning how stroke order works, basic Chinese characters (radicals) and how to form basic sentences

A400: Origami for Beginners
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Anne Liu

Have you ever been curious about origami? Thought it was too hard but always wanted to try? Join us in a beginner origami class where we'll fold some basic models. No prior experience needed; paper will be provided.


A402: How
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Audrey Sequeira

Take your art and message to the next level with zines, the most accessible way of distributing art within a community. Historically used to spread revolutionary social justice, the format of zines allow for anything and everything, including art for the sake of art. In this workshop, students will learn the history of zines, view some important and everyday examples, and learn how to make their own.

A406: Storytelling - "The Crossover"
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Zaire Simmonds

In 50 minutes we will discuss how performers tell a story. Understanding body language, dialogue, stage direction, are all key components we will speak about for the final performance. You will develop characters that you will crossover with your peers to create a story of your choosing.

Social Science

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O405: Applied Critical Theory: Scandals in American Culture
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Alessandra Flores

Why does America love a scandal? This course critically examines three infamous scandals in American political and cultural history. Students will develop a working understanding of introductory critical theories to better understand the social and cultural forces that have left a lasting mark on American history. Join us to unpack these fascinating case studies in a rewarding way!


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S401: The Fundamentals of Back Mechanics
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Erick Amezcua

This course will focus on back health. It will not talk about what is the best way to exercise but on how the body reacts to exercise. It will talk about back injuries and the road to recovery. This course will focus on the importance of good posture.

Simple anatomy knowledge Simple physics knowledge


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X407: Entrepreneurial Leading for Social Change
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Thabang Matona

Do you want to be an agent of positive change? This class will take you through a series of hands-on, interactive, and fun challenges that will equip you to solve problems in your community. From start to the end of this class, you will move from developing an idea to coming up with actions to deal with a issue that you feel passionate about in your community.