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Brandeis Splash Fall 2019 is TODAY, Saturday, November 16th from 12 to 5 pm. Check-in is in Golding Judaic Center on campus. Course registration is still open.


At Brandeis Splash, students can take classes in whatever interests them. Discover, explore, and experiment!
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Are you a Brandeis student? Teach what you are passionate about and inspire students by teaching for Splash!
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What is Splash?

Splash is the one day event that invites local high school and middle school students to come to Brandeis University for the chance of learning more. Students who come take classes in a variety of both conventional and unconventional subjects taught by Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students!

Why do we host Splash?

Our goal is to foster excitement for teaching and learning. Students get to learn about things that they normally wouldn’t have access to, empowering them to find what they love to learn.

On the teacher side, we offer Brandeis students an opportunity to give back to their community while sharing what they love. This is a great opportunity to become part of an educational venture and become a leader in your field. As a Splash teacher, you get to pick any topic or subject that interests you and that you want to teach for a one or two hour long class. Your class can be a small discussion seminar, a large lecture class, or anything in between.

Why should you attend Splash?

It's a lot of fun and you can get a lot out of it! Best of all, its completely free!

Splash is a program run entirely by volunteers, and we rely on you to make it happen!