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Splash Program Vitals:

What: A day during which you can take multiple classes on a variety of subjects!
When: February 2nd, 2019, from 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Who: Students in grades 7–12
Cost: FREE!
Where: At Brandeis University [Google maps, campus map] .

What is Splash?

Splash is a day when middle school and high school students are invited to come to Brandeis to take classes taught by the students of Brandeis University. The classes are all topics that the teachers are passionate about, with classes ranging from the typical academic classes to the unconventional. Example of previous classes have been astrophysics, chemistry of baking, computer science, quidditch and more! Click here to see the 2019 course catalog! Updated Jan 29th, 2019.

Why should you come?

Splash is the perfect opportunity for individuals to have fun and to explore a range of different fields. Its also an excellent chance to come onto campus, and meet new people.

Where is Splash?

Splash is held at Brandeis University in central campus area.

For Educators & Administrators

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